ArtSee is a group of young motivated professionals with a love for fine art. Our primary goal is to create a vibrant community for artists to thrive and for people to appreciate what those artists create.

Elizabeth GrazioliElizabeth Grazioli, CEO, Founder & CEO

Elizabeth’s love for art and culture was fostered from a young age having grown up in Milan, Italy. When she enrolled at Dickinson College in August 2005, her intent was to study International Business and Management. Through a fortunate twist of fate she landed in Art History 102 and once again found herself falling in love with art and culture. Upon graduation from Dickinson in May 2009 during hard economic times, Elizabeth was inspired by a close family friend to focus her energy and enthusiasm by starting her own online art business. In two years, Elizabeth developed the idea of ArtSee to incorporate her three great loves: public relations, event planning, and art. Through ArtSee she hopes to reach people like herself and allow the world of art to be a part of their lives in a simple and affordable way and to support those that are far more creative than she could ever be.

Kendall E. WilleyKendall E. Willey, Media Relations, Media Relations

Kendall grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and found herself lucky to be exposed to the arts at an early age through a strong programs in grade school and multiple trips to France and Italy which fostered her passion for culture and travel. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Art History from Dickinson College in 2009, she demonstrated those passions by moving to Sun Valley, Idaho to work in a prestigious fine art gallery. With a desire to pair her love of art with her knack for social media relations, Kendall is currently studying marketing under a University of California, Berkeley program and helping multiple companies grow their business through Web 2.0 marketing strategies. Thrilled with the opportunity become re-immersed in the arts scene, she came to ArtSee with the hope to promote artists, arts culture, and ideas through developing ArtSee’s online community.